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2018 Men Hairstyles

2018 Men Hairstyles

What are Some Cool 2018 Men Hair Styles to Choose From?

  2018 Men Hairstyles - A new look for your hair can be a great way to start your new year. Whether you intend to get a new haircut or simply style your hair in a slightly different way, a new look will probably work wonders for you. These are some excellent 2018 men hairstyles recommended by top experts at SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic that will make you look more attractive in the coming year. Based on your facial shape and hair type, here are some cool hairstyles that you can choose from.

Textured Crop

It works on most types of hair and lends a sophisticated and fresh appearance. It can make thick hair look lighter and make thin or fine hair appear fluffier. It works well for men with curly and wavy hair.

Messy Short Crop

This style of cropped hair is fantastic for men with a receding hairline, or with thinner or fine hair. Messy styling, layering and texture make the hair look fuller and more alluring. If you have recently undergone hair transplant in Turkey in clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, it is a good idea to avoid this style.

Short Cut for Curly Hair

It is a gorgeous textured crop cut, which can be styled very easily on men with curly and wavy hair. There is high fade and makes the top section of hair look very wavy, allowing the back and sides to remain free of the need for maintenance.

Textured Sweep Back

This is a haircut of medium length combined with a taper and is styled with some texture. Multiple looks combine here to create one of the most arresting and appealing 2018 men hairstyles.

Short Taper Haircut

These cuts can be slightly shorter than the medium length and fade quickly at the neckline – which ensures a very clean-cut finish.

Side Part Hairstyle

It is a hairstyle with traditional scissor-cut, which is sort of a reaction to the famous fade haircut. If you want a change from the popular but slightly overdone fade hairstyle, you can try this style. It is also a good idea to hide your scars from a recently conducted hair transplant in Turkey on your crown.

Textured Slick Back

This is a slicked-back hairstyle, which makes hair look more textured, higher and longer than it actually is.

Pomp Fade

It is a trendy way to wear pomp on hair. If you wish to make it stylish in a slightly different way, you can style the haircut with spikes. It is one of the best 2018 men hairstyles to try.


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