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Anxiety and Hair Loss

Anxiety and Hair Loss

How can anxiety cause hair loss and what are the possible solutions to the problem?

  Anxiety and Hair Loss - One of the most unpleasant problems when it comes to beauty and hair care is its loss, which can be due to various factors - season, inadequate care, genetic predispositions, but it can also be related to certain life situations through which we’re passing. Hair loss and anxiety are sometimes very related and it’s a serious concern for a lot of people who want to change something. However, people often begin to lose hair for weeks after the event that caused stress, and the process of the hair loss can continue a few months later. Fortunately, hair will usually continue to grow as before, you just need to remove the stress source, but a lot of things you must do to get through the process of recovering your hair. If the hair loss still happens, you can visit SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic and go to the hair transplant in Turkey surgery. But, the first thing to break the hair loss and anxiety connection is to ease the stress and care of your hair, which can reduce and stop the hair loss process.

Visit your doctor to get a diagnosis

For every type of hair loss, there is an accurate hair loss and anxiety relationship. While anxiety sometimes causes hair loss, in some cases, hair loss causes anxiety. If hair loss is caused by anxiety, then you should focus on treatment that will reduce or eliminate that stress.

Tips to reduce stress

Sleep enough: lack of sleep can help you to reduce mental stress, especially in cases when you have the problem for a certain period of time. Eat healthy food: Healthy diet gives your body the right amount of energy, and in this way, the body will be better prepared to deal with stress. Food also contributes to the hair strength. Give your body more exercises: Exercise can be of great help in helping to break the bond between hair loss and anxiety. Find the right sport in which you enjoy and have fun. The stress will we wiped out. Check medicines: There are a huge number of drugs that can affect the hair loss, which can be related to stress by worsening the state of hair loss. If nothing helped, and you still losing your hair than the only solution is to have a hair transplant in Turkey at SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic.


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