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Braids and Hair Loss

Braids and Hair Loss

What is the Connection?

When hair is braided very tight, it can break from the roots and suffer from follicular damage

Braids and Hair Loss - Weaves and braids are very popular, and expensive, hairstyles that are loved by many regardless of nationality. However, increased loss of hair in otherwise healthy women has led to increasing in research on whether or not hair loss is associated with tight hairstyles in any way. The fact is, there are obvious associations. The Archives of Dermatology published a study conducted on 326 Afro-American women that indicated that any style that subjects hair to too much traction and tension can lead to loss of hair and necessitate processes such as hair transplant in Turkey.

Loose braids are a way less damaging to the hair.

Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA)

Research has shown that braids can keep the hair tensed for a long time, and the pulling action can raise the risk of Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA), a form of baldness that cannot be reversed. It begins at the central area of the scalp and then spreads to the edge of a person’s hairline.

Traction alopecia (baldness)

Afro-American females with tight braids suffer from chronic pulling action or traction on the hair follicles. It is usually visible along the hairline. Even men who attach hairpieces to their hair can suffer from this chronic hair loss problem in case they keep the hairpiece attached for a long time in the same area, and need treatment from top clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Single braids are a symbol of femininity.


Studies have shown that continuous tugging and traction of scalp hair can also cause scarring and folliculitis, an inflammatory condition of the follicles of hair. The traction might lead to the hair loss in the central region that is more common in Afro-American females. There is a loss of hair beginning at the scalp’s vertex area, and spreading in the peripheral areas then. It is regarded as the most common scarring hair loss pattern in women of African- American origin, although too less research has been made in an effort to know about its actual prevalence.

Splitting and breaking

When hair is pulled back very tight, as in case of tight braids, it can break from the roots and suffer from follicular damage, weakness and splitting. Too tight braids can also result in tensile stress due to incessant tugging on the follicles.
Braids have been always very popular, and one might wonder how women avoided hair loss in the earlier days even with a braided hairstyle. The trick is to ease up on the braids so that there is less tension on hair and no breaking from the roots.


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