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Choosing Appropriate Graft Number

Choosing Appropriate Graft Number

How Is It Done?

  Choosing Appropriate Graft Number - Hair transplantation is a more or less permanent way of restoring to bald spots or sites with thinning hair. The full number of hair grafts required for an operative hair restoration can widely vary due to variations in aesthetic requirements, facial features, head shape and size, laxity of the scalp, density and other characteristics of hair. Find out the correct way of choosing appropriate graft number for transplantation, as shared by surgeons associated with major hair clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Maximizing the growth of grafts

A highly skilled team of surgeons and a top clinic can help candidates to avoid the possible problems associated with graft implantation and subsequent growth. However, risks will be raised in case there is an increase in the density and number of grafts. As these factors are integral to any hair transplantation process, it is essential for SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons to concentrate on achieving optimal growth of grafts instead of just seeking a randomly high number of hair grafts as a target. Finally, what matters for patients is how many grafts grow actually and not how many were grafted.

Number of groups

When hair transplant in Turkey surgeons divide follicular units into individual hairs or smaller groups, there is a huge rise in the number of grafts being implanted. However, this will make the cost of hair restoration process go up – in case patients are charged by graft numbers – without the density being raised. The fullness is expected to be less, owing to grafts growing sub-optimally. Keep in mind that bigger recipient sites can impede blood supply to grafts more than smaller sites do, and this can pose a severe limitation on how many grafts can be put in at one time. However, when hair transplant is exclusively used with follicular units, most number of hairs can be placed in the smallest recipient areas. There are minimal risks with choosing appropriate graft number.


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