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Common Tourist Scams in Istanbul

Common Tourist Scams in Istanbul

How to protect yourself from common tourist scams in Istanbul?

  Common Tourist Scams in Istanbul - If you’re going to visit Istanbul, you will face with common tourists scams as in any other big city. Although, you'll be very surprised by the incredible honesty of most Turks. They will rather help you by walking an extra mile with you to show the location you need than to steal your wallet, but in such large city, you must expect those with different intentions. But, you shouldn’t be worried about scams in Istanbul -how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul because this city has a smaller amount of tourist’s scams than a lot of other large world cities. If you're visiting Istanbul for hair transplant in Turkey, SHIFT hair transplant clinic will make your visit even more comfortable. Before you see all types of scams, you should know these things: A large number of scams happens in crowded and very touristic places like Sultanahmet and Taksim squares and Istiklal and Cumhuriyet Caddesi. So, it's rare to face such problem in residential areas like Cihangir. The main targets for their attacks are people who are travelling alone. If you notice the scam is approaching and you won't accept their invitations, you'll never get insulted or attacked, they'll just move away. So, you'll see all details below about scams in Istanbul -how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul?

Invitations for a drink

The main goal of the invite is to enter you in the bar with expensive drinks and undressed woman. The result is not particularly pleasant as you can end up paying a bill of hundred euros. The main target is single white men. How are they doing this? First, you'll see a well-dressed man who tries to make a conversation with you in fluent English. He'll for sure ask you for a lighter if you're a smoker and you may notice that before approached you, he threw away a cigarette a minute earlier. Even when you’re sitting alone outside, he will be free to join you on the table and start a conversation. So, whether of his approach, you can end up with him with a couple of after work drinks in a place which owns his good friend. How can you avoid such things? You should never take advice from these strangers as you can find good bar recommendations on the websites. You can tell him that you’re waiting a couple of friends to join you and that you aren’t interested. Let him know from the start that you're not a naive person and don't say to him “maybe next time” because he may try again. Carpet and leather shops scam If you're asking yourself question scams in Istanbul -how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul, this is one of the most common and solution for it. The main goal of this scam is to make you a buyer in shops for which he works and surely you won’t get it cheap. Any stranger who wanders around Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet. A friendly guy who knows several languages will ask you common question “are you lost?” and then will offer to show you some outstanding spots on Grand Bazaar. He will be your “guide” until you decide to buy something which will be very expensive. You should never accept a “guide” that offers himself on the street. If you’re lost, then you should take the initiative an ask someone to help you. If you’re looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey, SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic is the right one.

Stealing things

When you're visiting Istanbul one of the things you surely want to know more about is scams in Istanbul -how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul? The main goal of thieves is to steal your wallet and valuable things. Their target is any careless tourist. The places where thieves are the most active are crowded places as street, public transport. Many people want about scams in Istanbul -how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul By keeping your wallet in your front pockets, you will surely prevent stealing. Handbags and back-packs you should wear on the front of your body with all zippers properly closed. It’s recommended not to leave bags, phones and other valuables on (terrace) table where it's easy for bypasses to grab them from it.

Restaurants overcharge

Are restaurants a very common place for scams in Istanbul-how to avoid being scammed in Istanbul? The goal is to pay for things you haven’t ordered. Targets are people who are very hungry and unaware. For example, if you haven’t specified what beer you want, they will bring you the most expensive instead of cheap local Efes. To prevent these things, you just have to be careful what you're ordering. If you order a hair transplant in Turkey, SHIFT Hair Transplant experts will perform the procedure according to your needs.


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