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Effect of Hormones on Hair

Effect of Hormones on Hair

How to stop hair loss caused by hormone imbalance?

Effect of Hormones on Hair - Hormones are very important for the men and women body. However, the concentration of these substances is different and it’s specific for each sex. Sometimes there is a balance disorder, and there is an increase in the level of androgens. Hormones and hair loss are a very common connection and it’s a consequence of the negative impact of male sex hormones on the follicle, but there are other reasons. It’s very important to discover, the problem on time if you don’t want to visit the hair SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic. When you faced a huge hair loss, then you need to have the hair transplant in Turkey.

Testosterone and hair loss have a close connection.

Effect of hormones on hair

Hormones and hair loss have a close connection, and hormonal background has a huge impact on the structure of the hair and its growth rate. As a rule, female estrogens have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, while androgens mercilessly oppress the division of cells in the follicle and significantly slow the growth of hair. This fact explains the prevalence of baldness in the male part of the population.
If the balance is broken and a hormonal failure occurs, then first of all the hair and skin are affected.

Symptoms of problem

Hormones and hair loss is a bond which is often accompanied by other symptoms of endocrine disorders. They usually include the following features:
-    decreased libido;
-    increased sweating;
-    insomnia;
-    a headache;
-    increased fatigue and weakness;
-    dizziness;
-    oedema;
-    fluctuations in blood pressure;
-    emotional instability.
In women, hormones and hair loss connection is accompanied by the instability of the menstrual cycle, uterine bleeding, and problems with the mammary gland. Also, sometimes the growth of hair on the body increases, which causes a lot of inconveniences.


If the causes of hair loss are associated with a pathological hormonal failure, then you can deal with a problem alone without the intervention of SHIFT hair transplant doctor. The doctor will conduct all necessary examinations that will determine what kind of endocrine disorder is present in the patient.
The first step in the treatment of this condition is to direct all efforts to eliminate imbalances and then, probably, hair loss will stop. If it can’t be stopped, then you need to think about the hair transplant in Turkey as a nuclear option.
In addition to eliminating the failure, you can use other additional techniques:
-    nutritious masks and various cosmetics containing vitamins, plant extracts;
-    physiotherapeutic procedures;
-    scalp massage with the use of oils.
If you do not eliminate the main cause, that is, hormonal failure, then hair loss will continue.


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