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Hair Care after Hair Transplant

Hair Care after Hair Transplant

What is the Best Advice after Hair Transplant to Follow?

  Hair Care after Hair Transplant - The days after any hair transplant surgery can be somewhat difficult and discomforting. After the effects of anaesthetic wear off, which is generally 3 – 4 hours following the operation, you are likely to suffer from some discomfort and pain. The scalp can be slightly sore and swollen, and you will possibly need to take some analgesics like paracetamols. Expert surgeons in popular hair restoration facilities such as SHIFT Hair Transplant have the following advice for patients after the hair transplant.

Have someone accompany you

You should have a friend or family member accompanying you after the surgery, as you will possibly be given a sedative prior to the operation to make you relax. The effects will take some time to go away. It can be dangerous for you to drive during that time or carry out any dangerous or complicated task.

Sleep in a slightly upright fashion

During the first night after the hair transplant in Turkey, try to sleep in a semi-upright posture. Use two pillows to lift up your head. Keep doing this for the first 3 days following the operation. Do not pick or touch the spots that have been grafted recently. Although you might experience some soreness or itching, it will be in your best interests not to touch the spots. Rubbing or picking them will just make them fall out before they are given a chance for new hair growth.

Abstain from alcohol and smoking

You should not have a drop of alcohol for the first 2 days after the hair transplant in Turkey, as alcohol dehydrates and swells the scalp. In case you smoke, do not resume the activity until 1 month has passed after the time of surgery. Even smoking is harmful, as it can impede the flow of blood to the hair follicles that is important for new hair growth. It can be better for you to give up smoking altogether.

Clean the scabs

You can wash your hair and shampoo 2 days after the operation at SHIFT Hair Transplant. This will help you to get rid of all dead skin cells. More importantly, this will help clean up the scabs that develop around the newly grafted hairs. It will prevent the follicles from being damaged due to the scabs, and stoppage of the growth of new hair. You should repeat the process every day for the first week after the operation. Use a balanced shampoo on the grafted as well as the donor sites.


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