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Hair Loss and Depression

Hair Loss and Depression

Can depression cause hair loss?

  Hair loss and depression are in a close relationship. Especially dangerous are chronic nervous overstresses, long-term accumulated problems that cause prolonged strong emotional experiences. A person becomes accustomed to such a state, and it is difficult to find the cause of malfunctions in the body. When stress disappears, the curls begin to grow again in the same places. Growth resumes without external influences - the use of meds or cosmetic drugs. The main thing is the minimization of stress. There is also a solution if you lose the fight with hair loss. By visiting SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic to have a hair transplant in Turkey surgery.

Main causes of hair loss

The loss of hair is a natural phenomenon. It’s normal to lose a hundred hairs per day. One hair lives 4-5 years, because of the connection between hair loss and depression it falls out and at this point a new one starts to grow. Types of hair loss due to depression:
  1. The most common form is when a part of the hair follicles gets stuck in the rest period, that is, the hair stops growing, and after a certain time it falls out. This is the phase of rest (loss) of hair.
  2. Hair loss in a specific area of ​​the head - focal alopecia.
  3. Sometimes a person, in order to ease depression, starts to pull his own hair out himself, this can lead to obsession and trichotillomania comes.

How to deal with losing hair?

To remove the bond between hair loss and depression, it’s necessary to reduce the emotional stresses. The following tips should help.
  1. Lack of sleep is particularly negative for chronic stress, which lasts several months or more. The minimum time for sleep should be 7-8 hours.
  2. Before going to bed it is useful to repeat the same kind of soothing actions, most importantly, do not get hung up on the problems that caused the depressive state. You can read a quiet book, take a short walk outdoors, take a warm shower or a bath.
  3. Healthy nutrition has a beneficial effect on the baking the bond between hair loss and depression. Eat regularly - 3-5 times a day, it is advisable to eat in small portions.
  4. If you cannot get out of depression on your own, visit a doctor. Take a routine examination with the therapist.
If the hair loss is still a problem, then you need hair transplant in Turkey. SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic experts are able to make your hair to grow again normally.


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