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Hair Prosthesis

Hair Prosthesis

What are the Advantages of Hair Prosthesis?

Hair Prosthesis is a very versatile hair loss solution which is known to offer very aesthetic and natural effects for men and women. It is similar to installing a denture, given that it involves constructing a mould. A customized, especially done skin mould is used to replace the damaged site. The special artificial skin is prepared in around a couple of months, and it lets the passage of water and air. The hair grows in exactly the same direction as normal, natural hair. Find out about some of the top advantages of prosthetic hair, as revealed by surgeons at big hair clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Yields long-term results

The results from this process are long-term, and lasting – similar to hair transplant in Turkey. This is a piece created for hair replacement and covers the less dense or bald areas on the scalp. The prosthetic strands can be in the form of small clusters or individual strands, having a fine fabric or film simulating the human skin. Then, its foundation joins the crest of the semi-permanent or temporary form.

Not harmful at all

There is no harm from prosthetic hair, as disclosed by SHIFT Hair Transplant experts. It is made to be porous but allows air to pass through which lets hair continue to grow. The underside of this simulated skin is compatible with the normal human skin, with the hair roots being visible. As the system is a simulation of normal human hair, it happens to be completely natural.

Versatile in styling

It is possible for you to style the hair in just about any way that you like. You can make the hair look straight, curly and more with the help of your hairdresser, and even get highlights or balayage. It eliminates the baldness that actually adds years to your real age. This can make you knock off a minimum of 10 years from your actual age. You can get very shiny hair within a very short while.

Easily concealable

Hair prosthesis – just like hair transplant in Turkey - is not noticeable to other people, and nobody is going to notice it if you do not reveal the truth to them. There is no need for any special care or maintenance, other than the usual hair care tips for natural hair. You can go for a swim in the pool or even the sea, and also take part in extreme sports without the hair coming off.


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