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Hair Transplant for Anemia Patients

Hair Transplant for Anemia Patients

When is it Not Recommended?

  Hair Transplant for Anemia Patients - Anemia or Iron deficiency in the bloodstream is one of the top causes of hair loss. In haemoglobin, it is one of the biggest components and is essential for the production of RBCs that supply oxygen to the body cells. When there is anaemia, there is slow destruction and death of hair follicles due to the deficiency of oxygen. Many people wonder whether hair transplant is able to take care of hair loss caused by anaemia. Find out when hair transplant for anaemia patients is not recommended.

Too much iron deficiency

Severe deficiency of iron makes people suffer from tiredness, fast heartbeat, leg cramps, pale skin, poor concentration etc. When there is physical exertion or activity, patients suffer from a headache and shortness of breath. Thus, it is better to avoid transplant while suffering from severe anaemia. It is better to opt for medical treatment and correct the condition first before opting for hair transplant in Turkey.

Less than 18 years of age

Although there is no minimum age limit for hair transplant in Turkey, doctors typically advise against having a transplant before 22 – 27 years of age, as hair loss pattern in the future is uncertain otherwise. You should be at least 18 years of age before approaching treatment and need to consult an experienced doctor – such as one in top clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant – to know whether a hair transplantation technique is appropriate for your situation.

Enough dense hair still left

If you have thinning hair on the crown but find that your scalp hair is still dense enough, hair transplant for anaemia patients might not be a good idea. This is because there is insufficient space for introducing new hair. There are risks of transplanted hair strands to be pushed out by adjoining hair, which can prevent new growth. Also, both thin and thick hair growing side by side will make your scalp look odd.

Insufficient hair in the donor area

Before hair transplant, doctors at top clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant are likely to evaluate whether there is enough hair in your donor site. During transplantation, doctors typically extract hair follicles from the back area of the scalp. How much hair can be transplanted is decided by how much healthy hair is left in the donor region? In case complete baldness is a hereditary problem for you, a hair transplant in Turkey might not be the best option as surgeons will not find any hair at your donor site for transplants in the future if needed.


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