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Is Hair Transplant a Success?

Is Hair Transplant a Success?

Is Hair Transplanting a Successful Process?

Is Hair Transplant a Success? - At reputed hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, patients often come with the question whether hair transplant has a high success rate. This is a vital question, as the process involves quite a bit of financial and emotional investment. Studies have revealed that 98% of cases of grafting of hair are successful and hair grows normally sometime after the process. Find out when this is a successful process.

Quality of donor's hair

The success of this type of surgery is often judged by how the hair of the looks like after the grafted hair has grown completely, which usually takes about 1 year. It is best judged by whether the expectations of the patient have been matched properly. During the process of consultation, when patients visit a doctor for the first time, they often ask about whether the process will yield success according to their wish.
The answer to this actually depends on the goals of the patient, and the overall quality of hair in the donor site. The level of donor hair available for extraction determines the success of a hair transplant surgery. There will be less hair to transplant if more area of the scalp is found to suffer from hair loss.

Experience of surgeons

The experience level and skills of the surgeon handling the hair grafting are of paramount importance. Only surgeons who are experienced and certified to carry out this type of surgery should be approached by patients. The success of the hair transplant in Turkey is judged by how successfully the grafted hairs grow a year after the process. Most patients who undergo successful surgery comment that people cannot tell their new hair apart from old ones, which is highly desirable.

Quality of surgery

In non-smoker, anywhere between 95-98% grafts have a successful growth in case a surgery of international standards is used for transplantation. The total numbers of hair follicles that can be used for the process, as well as how viable the follicles determine the success of the process. When there are highly skilled technicians attending to the extraction of hair follicles and dissecting them, there is a higher yield of grafts to take care of the transplantation.


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