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Legal vs Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul

Legal vs Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul

Differences between legal and illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul

Legal vs Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul - Turkey today is the best destination for a hair transplant tourism. 100,000 of people visit Turkey annually to undergo hair transplantation, a real industry that worth nearly $250 million a year, and a part of the world's global industry which worth is about $ 1 billion. In Istanbul, there are currently about 250 clinics or private practices competing for clients who want to cover the bare parts of the head or build a long-desired masculine image with lush moustaches. One of the best clinics is SHIFT Hair Transplant which is the most reliable clinic for hair transplant in Turkey. The quality is high and the price is relatively low compared with many other countries, about $ 2,500 is a relatively low price. More precisely, this price is a trick for what clients must pay in the United States or the United Kingdom, where the price of such procedures ranges up to $25 000. Hair transplant prices in Turkey are even cheaper than in Greece, which is their main competitor in this sector.

Clearly, illegal hair transplant clinics only accept cash.

Illegal clinics can destroy a good reputation of the business

High growth of popularity brings certain problems to the industry. Aware of high profit, a lot of illegal clinics, most of them are unlicensed for hair transplant business want to attract new visitors and patients. That's caused some kind of rivalry legal vs illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. Increasing number of clinics make profits from international patients and most of them are from Arab countries and the majority of them don't know that the procedures are performed by illegal and very often dangerous surgeons.

Agencies as intermediary’s

The real differences between legal vs illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul aren't well known. The list of customers and documents from a middleman are delivered to tourist agencies in Istanbul. The agency introduces a patient to a clinic and gets an amount from the commission of every visitor. When people decide to get the hair transplant treatment, they'll arrive in an all-inclusive package which consists of welcome at the airport, ride on luxury cars that drive to the hotel apartment reserved and after the finished treatment, transfer back to the airport.

How illegal clinics work?

The most of their patients are coming from the Gulf bay lured by the low price and geographic proximity. In the fight between legal vs illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, a lot of patients are lured using new trends – moustache transplants – which attracts the men inspired by Turkish soap opera popular actors. Many of patients bring a photo of the favourite soap opera star or singer and want to look like just like them. The fake clinics promise that the patient will be 100 % satisfied with the look of his dreams, but the most of the treatments ended in frustration. Legal Turkish surgeons are building a good reputation through years and now they're faced with fast growing of illegal clinics that are bringing the big damage overall picture of Turkey in the hair transplant industry and also damaging tourism.

A considerable decrease of legal clinics

In a golden era of hair transplantation industry in Turkey, the ratio of numbers between legal vs illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul has been signed on the legal side. But know, in Istanbul, at least six from ten clinics work illegally.

Unlicensed clinics put lives in danger

Legal and professional clinics as SHIFT Hair Transplant performs safe and quality hair transplant in Turkey procedure and warns that unlicensed rivals put patient’s lives at risk. Illegal clinics also stealing patients from them. The main difference between legal vs illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul is that the procedure can be performed only by a qualified surgeon, doctor, dermatologist or experienced trichologist. The clinic must have clear records about the hair transplant procedure, emergency unit and one surgery room in the facility. The clinic also must have all the papers of proper registration to the national care system and all according to current Turkish laws. The biggest difference between legal vs illegal hair transplant clinics in Istanbul is that surgeons in the unlicensed clinic have the habit of leaving the work to the nurses, students without experience and even to people without a medical training. There is not only the possibility of disappointing results and post-treatment infections, but the whole life of the patient is at stake because these procedures are not simple as black-market clinic claims. If patients suffer from heart disease, they can face serious injuries and possible deaths.


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