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No-Shave Hair Transplant

No-Shave Hair Transplant

How is it Performed?

No-Shave Hair Transplant - Most men and women, particularly women, like to have hair transplantation without having their hair shaved. If you wish to have the same benefit, it is best to consider FUE surgery that allows No-Shave Hair Transplant. In this technique, a physician simply plants hair in those spots that are regarded as essential. No-Shave Hair Transplant in Turkey is possible through FUE in people who have sufficient hair thinning for transplantation or are undergoing transplant for a tiny area. Find out how it is performed in two phases, Extraction and Implantation.


In this phase, the hairs on the rear part of the head need to be about 10 cm long. The existing long hairs are held up in donors, and surgeons decide which region would be used as the donor area and harvested from. Only this space, which is typically 2 – 3 cm in area, is used for harvesting. This helps save the follicles by allowing surgeons to see the angles and efficiently extracting hair from the donor site. Enough grafts are extracted after numbing the area with local anaesthesia. Once there is a release of long hair, surgeons in top hair clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant cover up the donor area. In this way, grafts are extracted without any sign of surgery. As just a part of the donor site is shaved, FUE can be used for about 1,500 grafts. In case the amount of grafts is insufficient, surgeons can shave another 2-cm spot for extraction. The technique can be used in women, as well as in men with long enough hair.


The length of hair will be decided based on how dense the receiving spot is. If the density of existing hair is not more than 15 grafts per square cm, there is no need to shorten hair. In case the density is over 15 grafts per square cm, it would be sensible to short hair to 1.5 cm or Grade 4, to ensure that existing hair is not harmed and the receiving area can be seen better. In reputed clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant, surgeons do not have to shorten hair, in case the temple area or the front-line area is the receiving area. After proper No-Shave Hair Transplant in Turkey, you can expect new hairs to start growing after 3 – 6 months. However, full hair growth usually takes longer – about a year.


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