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Ponytails and Hair Loss

Ponytails and Hair Loss

How to Reduce Loss of Hair due to Ponytails?

Avoid wearing your ponytail too tightly in the holder.
Ponytails and Hair Loss - Ponytails look stylish, and are easy to create. However, too tightly tying your hair can stretch your hair strands tautly from their follicles. Over time, the habit of tying your hair in a ponytail can cause premature hair fall due to tension alopecia or traction. There can be cases of irreparable damage in extreme situations. If you have already lost some amount of hair due to wearing ponytails, here are some ways to reduce hair loss caused by ponytails.

Use ponytail elastics

Wear ponytail elastics covered in fabric. These offer a soft and nice grip on the hair and can help you to prevent unnecessary hair damage. You should get a rubber band that is more elastic, which would put your hair roots and strands under a lower amount of stress.

Limit the frequency of wearing ponytails.

Avoid too tight wearing

According to SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons, you should avoid wearing your ponytail too tightly in the holder, as this can pull on your existing hair and make it weaker. The continuous pulling action can make hair strands come out of follicles, making you suffer from baldness. You need to wear the ponytails lower on the head, and not higher than your ears. Wear a loose bun or pony at your nape, which does not put any stress on your hair.

Pin the rest of your hair

Try to pin the length of hair left hanging with bobby pins to the elastic. If you want to hold the heavier sections of your ponytail, you may use a barrette or a hair clip so that your hair has to undergo less amount of stress.

Limit the frequency of wearing ponytails

You should reduce the number of hours of wearing your hair in a ponytail. For instance, you can wear a ponytail during a night out instead of an entire day at work, of 8 – 10 hours. In case you wish to wear your hair as per dress codes, go for a French twist, a loose braid or a simple bun. You should never wear your ponytails while going to sleep. It is a good idea to change your own hairstyle. There will be a major difference if you restrict to wearing your hair in a pony, such as just one time in a week. When you stop wearing your hair in a tight pony, you can stop your hair loss. In a few weeks, it is possible to restore lost hair on your scalp.


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