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Scalp Reduction

Scalp Reduction

How Does It Work?

Scalp Reduction - A surgical treatment used for hair restoration, Scalp reduction involves stretching the scalp skin. At one time, it was a very popular technique used to restore hair to the scalp. With the growing popularity and usage of hair transplant in Turkey, this technique might have lost some of its sheens. However, it is still there and can be done separately or along with a hair transplant process. Find out how it works.

How It Works

The technique involves stretching the scalp skin, removing the hairless spots and reducing the bald skin region by using hair-covered scalp to close the space. The process is conducted under the effects of local anaesthesia or at times under a mild sedative that can make you relaxed. This is an invasive process, as a skin strip around 2 – 5 cm is taken out in a single session. The healthier scalp sections are stretched afterwards and then re-postured. This helps reduce the balding spot and allowing it to be managed more easily.
Reductions in larger scalp area, as is common in case of trauma or severe burns, are conducted under the effects of general anaesthesia. The hair transplantation, in such cases, is conducted in a 2nd phase. In top hair care facilities such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, surgeons are experts in injecting fat into the scar tissue and readying the scalp for transplantation.

Why Is Scalp Reduction Performed?

A scalp reduction is unnecessary for standard hair transplants, such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). It has been designed for curing androgenic alopecia (baldness) and removing the scalp sections impacted by alopecia.
It is necessary when there are lower numbers of donor hairs for harvesting or when the patient suffers from Cicatricial alopecia, as occurs in cases of surgery, burns, prior traumas or immune system disorders. A reduction in the balding spots of the scalp might be needed for achieving high hair density and the same rate of success as in hair transplantation.
As the hair loss pattern and type of scalp varies from one person to another, it is important to have an assessment of scalp done in order to achieve the best results. Once a scalp reduction is conducted along with a hair transplant process, quite a few sessions will be needed. This can also lengthen the span of recovery for patients. Thus, it is essential to have unique requirements professionally assessed.


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