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TDF (Two-Days FUE) Hair Transplant

What Are The Benefits?
TDF (Two-Day FUE) Hair Transplant  – Hair loss is common due to any factors, such as advancing age, tension, heredity or stress. TDF (Two-Day FUE) Hair Transplant is a two-session transplantation method that is performed on people with large bald patches. It was previously needed that at least 6 – 8 months pass between the two processes. Today, a unique technique is used to ensure completion of the 2-session procedure in just two days. Find out about the benefits of the process, as performed in top hair restoration clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant.
Quick transplantation
The process is conducted very rapidly. In the 1st day, the donor region is divided into left and right halves. In the right half, follicles are harvested and then transplanted to the initial half of the bald section. For the other half, surgeons drill canals where the transfer of hair follicles is done. This will complete half of the total process. In the next day, harvesting of follicles from the 2nd half or the left area is done. The FUE technique helps cover up all the gaps in 2 sessions, although in 2 days. Patients who use the method do not have to wait for six months for the other session.
Optimal hair follicle transfer
The transfer of as many hair follicles as possible ensures satisfaction with the area of coverage. The process enables the transfer of 5,000 – 7,000 hair follicles. This means the transfer of 15,000 to 21,000 hair strands in total.  An optimal number of grafts can be transferred and placed into the new area. In top clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant, highly skilled specialists ensure optimal hair follicle transfer.
No pain
TDF (Two-Day FUE) Hair Transplant in Turkey is not painful. This is a sophisticated method of hair transplantation. It involves extracting follicles from the rear part of the head, known as the donor site, through a type of equipment known as a micro motor. Canals are then opened up in the balding sites. Finally, the follicles are inserted in place.
In FUE method, if the bald patch in a patient is larger, he requires 1 – 2 sessions after 6 months to have the entire bald area covered up. However, if the donor site in the patient is good, TDF Hair Transplant is possible, and the whole bald patch can be covered up. The donor structure of the patient should be suited for TDF (Two-Day FUE) Hair Transplant in Turkey.


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