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The Side Effects of Hair Cosmetics

The Side Effects of Hair Cosmetics

What are negative effects of hair cosmetics?

The Side Effects of Hair Cosmetics - Hair cosmetics are now sold everywhere: in stores, beauty salons, pharmacies, spa centres, shopping networks and even on the Internet. Whether it's famous cosmetic brands or traditional means, people readily buy them, often paying attention only to the decorative effect and not thinking about how safe it is. All cosmetic products have side effects, so you should be more careful with your hair and overall health because you don’t want to lose any of them. When you lose your hair, you have to visit SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic and undergo hair transplant in Turkey.

The number of hair cosmetics negative effects depends on the type of product used.

Dangerous ingredients

The number of hair cosmetics negative effects depends on the type of product used. Hair cosmetics negative effects are most expressive in products for hair styling. Butane, polymers, and ether are the most toxic ingredients in these products. There are just a small number of people who want to use 100 % natural product for hair styling, as it’s always the last step of buying chemical free products.
The most dangerous ingredients used in mousses, hairsprays, and gels are:
-    Fuel gas
-    Flammable gas
-    Engine lubricants
-    Engine degreasers
-    Emulsifiers
-    Plastics
The most dangerous things about these ingredients are that you can inhale them and there are other ways to enter through your skin, for example through a bloodstream. The dangerous toxins can enter your bloodstream through sweat glands and hair follicles. Also, toxins can increase the absorption of your skin up to unbelievable 230 times.

Negative effects

There are numerous hair cosmetics negative effects and you can experience any of these on the list:
-    Hair loss, breakage, thinning, destroyed hair shafts, and dry hair
-    Damages to skin, kidneys, and lungs
-    Irritation of mucous membranes, eyes, nose, and throat
-    Accumulation of toxins in organs and carcinogenic ingredients

Prevention of negative effects

It is much better to prevent hair cosmetics negative effects than to lose your hair which can lead you to SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic in order to have a hair transplant in Turkey. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the basic rules when choosing hair cosmetics:
1. Avoid frequent changes in cosmetics.
2. Any new cosmetic product must first be tested by applying a small amount on hair. This will help avoid hair damages.
3. If you know which product you are allergic to, read labels. Do not use the product without the labeling.
4. If you are allergic to chemicals for dyeing hair, you can paint your hair with henna.
5. Remember: what suits others may not suit you.


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