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How is U-FUE Performed?

U-FUE, or Unshaven FUE, is a technique that helps in the transplantation of hair without the use of a shaver in any of the stages of the process. It helps restore hair in patients with balding or thinning hair in an effective and minimally invasive way and is ‘undetectable’ in form. It is a state of the art technique of hair transplanting and is performed only by highly skilled surgeons in top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant. Find out how it is performed.

How is the Process Done?

The extraction of hair is done one by one from the donor site, similar to regular FUE transplantation. Typically, hairs are extracted from the sides or the back section of the head. The treatment, in this case, is much more delicate. It involves a lot of skills from surgeons, who have to find the most number of healthy hairs and make sure that they are properly implanted.
After the extraction of hair, the hair strands are snipped. Only the hair root that is supposed to be implanted is left. As happens with standard FUE process, a little redness can be observed after the process. Once this redness subsides, the longer hair that exists in its place can conceal any signs of a hair transplant being conducted in the area.
Over the 12 months that follow, there is a natural growth of new hair and the formation of a new hairline. As hair grows slowly, nobody really notices the change in hairline and hair growth. It does not seem that any hair transplant in Turkey has ever taken place.

How is U-FUE Different from FUE?

Like the name indicates, U-FUE mainly differs from a standard FUE in that there is no need to shave a part of the hair or the scalp before the technique is performed. Given that hair is extracted from the donor site at complete length, many people can go back to the office the following day without anybody actually being able to make out that they have undergone a hair-transplantation. The hair keeps it concealed.
The results and effects of U-FUE might differ from one individual to another. However, the method is generally successful. As the technique does not involve any shaving of hair, either partial or complete, many men and women like to go in its favour. However, a proper discussion with your surgeon should reveal whether you are fit for the process or not.


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