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Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons

Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons

What are Some Common Reasons for the Failure of Hair Transplant Operation?

Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons - Hair transplant is one of the permanent ways to restore hair to the scalp or fix to thin of hair. Although this is a safe and effective process, hair transplant failures are not uncommon. Some of the common reasons for the failure of hair transplant in Turkey could be attributed to the following factors.

Inexperienced surgery

The process could be unsuccessful if it is performed by surgeons without experience. Lack of skilled hands could be a major factor for the failure of transplantation. Lack of concern and a failure to understand the patient’s condition could lead to a significant failure of the growth of the grafts or skin issues in the recipient area of the patient, such as scarring or reduced blood supply. Placing the grafts too superficial or too deep can lead to graft damages, or even make the body recognize them as foreign bodies and push them out. In top hair restoration centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, skilled and expert surgeons use a transplant technique that exactly suits the health, skin and hair type of patients.

Improper handling

Managing graft movement to the recipient site from the physiologic bath solution is time-consuming. Some of the surgical assistants who put grafts in place tend to pile them up over the hand or finger. This leaves them exposed to air for over 20 seconds. Longer exposure to air can damage or kill grafts, particularly the smaller ones. The risk is quite common during the process, and surgeons need to closely monitor the handling to ensure the success of the hair transplant process

Improper aftercare

This is quite common and occurs when patients do not exactly follow every word of the aftercare instructions of surgeons. Sleeping in a semi-upright posture with the head lifted by two pillows, cessation of smoking or drinking before or after the operation, not cleaning the scabs properly a few days after the surgery or participating in intense sports or workout activities within 10 days of the operation are some of the common aftercare mistakes that lead to the failure of hair transplant in Turkey that would have been successful otherwise.

Diffuse alopecia areata

If a condition called Diffuse Alopecia Areata stays undiagnosed, there could be issues with graft growth. In top centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, doctors diagnose patients properly to ensure the absence of such disorders, which seriously affect the success of the hair transplantation process.


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