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What to Do Before Hair Transplant?

What to Do Before Hair Transplant?

Abstain from alcohol drinks before hair transplant.
What to do Before Hair Transplant - As you age, thinning and shedding of hair becomes more common. Not everyone likes to have a bald pate on display and continuously look for effective ways to address the problem. Hair transplant is seen as a safe and permanent way to cure hair thinning and balding problems, and have a full head of hair within a short time. Surgeons and doctors associated with top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant have quite a few tips and advice for patients.

Wash your hair

It is important that you thoroughly wash your hair on the morning as well as on the evening of your surgery. Discuss with your surgeon whether you need to use any special shampoos for washing off the scabs from your scalp.
Smoking can really affect the result of hair transplant negatively of course.

Dress in light clothes

Keep in mind that you should be as comfortable as possible during the transplantation. Wear casual and comfortable apparels. Remember that the dress should not be such that you have to pull it over your head after the process. In short, do not wear any sweatshirts or hooded jackets while going for hair transplant in Turkey.

Arrange proper transportation

You should preferably have a car on hire to drop you home after the transplantation. Try to have a friend or family member by your side to accompany you after the transplantation is over, as you might still be under the effects of anaesthesia that is injected before the process to reduce discomfort or pain. Talk to the person beforehand, so that he or she keeps free of engagements on that day and can accompany you from the hair surgery centre.

Take medications properly

If you are on regular medicines for some ailment, remain on them as prescribed by your doctor. However, you should not take any anti-inflammatory medicines or Aspirin in the week leading up to the date of surgery. In case you happen to suffer from blood sugar problems, consult your surgeon and have a discussion on how to deal with insulin management and diet on the big day.

Abstain from smoking and beverages

Stop smoking at least 7 days from the time leading to your surgery, as it can reduce blood circulation to your scalp and jeopardize the process. Keep away from alcohol as well. On the day of surgery, you should not have coffee. For 7 days before the surgery, keep away from Vitamin E, Vitamin B or multivitamin supplements.


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