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Legal vs Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul

Legal vs Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics in IstanbulDifferences between legal and illegal hair transplant clinics in IstanbulLegal vs Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics in Istanbul - Turkey today is the best destination for a hair transplant tourism. 100,000 of people visit Turkey annually to undergo hair transplantation, a real industry that worth nearly $250 million a year, and a part of the world's global industry which worth is about $ 1 billion. In Istanbul, there are currently about 250 clinics or private practices competing for clients who want to cover the bare parts of the head or build a long-desired masculine image with lush moustaches. One of the best clinics is SHIFT Hair Transplant which is the most reliable clinic for hair transplant in Turkey. The quality is high and the price is relatively low compared with many other countries, about $ 2,500 is a relatively low price. More precisely, this price is a trick for what clients must pay in the United States or the Unit…
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2018 Hair Transplant Latest Developments

2018 Hair Transplant Latest DevelopmentsWhat is the 2018 Hair Transplant Latest Developments?
2018 Hair Transplant Latest Developments - Hair transplantation is constantly changing from what it was even a few years back. The constant change can be attributed to continuous research in improving hair transplanting and the use of newer tools and technology in the process. Find out information about the latest developments in hair transplantation, as shared by surgeons and cosmetic physicians in top clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant. AI and RoboticsThe use of robotic technology has just started and it is expected to grow more in the years to come. Tools guided by AI help in a 3D simulation of possible results after hair transplantation, and let patients understand the chances of success after the operation. Robotics also minimizes room for errors. 720p Digital consultationsPlanning restoration of hair starts with a proper consultation. Digital consultations are offered to patients in 720…

FUT Scar Correction


FinasterideHow Does Finasteride Work in Treating Male Pattern Baldness?Finasteride - When compared to the old days, there have been a lot of changes in treatment for male hair loss. At one time, men only had a handful of options to rely on – such as wigs or innovative combing techniques – to hide their bald pate. Times have changed, and there have been many advances in medical science. Today, drugs like Finasteride are very popular and commonly used for re-growing hair in men. Find out how it works as a low-cost alternative to hair transplant in Turkey for men.

Drug Effects and Usage Finasteride is designed for treating hair thinning issues on the temple. It is known by various other brand names, such as Propecia and Proscar, which come in varying strengths. This prescription drug works similar to Minoxidil. It should only be used by men. Studies have shown that the medication has a negative impact when used on women, such as leading to birth defects and delivery of stillborn babies. …

Hair Growth Products and Sexual Dysfunction

Hair Growth Products and Sexual DysfunctionHow are they Related?Hair Growth Products and Sexual Dysfunction - Studies by top centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant have shown that 50% of the male population tends to lose hair by the age of 50. Naturally, many of them look for hair growth products that can help them reverse their hair loss problems and make them as youthful and handsome as before. There are 2 famous types of hair growth drugs on the market. One type reduces DHT production while the other one nitrifies the hair follicles again from the bloodstream. However, both of these activities on the entire body and not only on the parts where they are required. Apart from other side effects, men report of negative sexual side effects.
Finasteride It is a common drug that is used for combating hair loss problems. This medicine, known on the market by brand names like Proscar and Propecia, works especially by blocking the action of androgens at the receptor areas. It is administered ora…

Head Coverage after Hair Transplant

Head Coverage after Hair TransplantWhen to opt for Head Coverage after Hair Transplant?Head Coverage after Hair Transplant - Technological innovation in every field has ensured a better lifestyle for humans, and advances in medicine and health ensure an overall better cosmetic appearance as well. Today, it is not uncommon to find many men and women opting for surgical treatments for hair loss. However, many people have a lot of questions about the recovery phase associated with hair transplant in Turkey – such as whether head coverage after the hair transplant is possible. Find out the truth about the same.
No pressing in the first two weeks Following a hairline surgery or FUE Hair Restoration Treatment, the newly implanted grafts take around 7 – 10 days to anchor themselves completely at the new site. Until the new grafts become permanent in their spots, you should avoid compressing or manipulating them. You can compress them by wearing a hat, and even move or dislodge them out of th…

Sweating after Hair Transplant

Sweating after Hair TransplantDoes sweating affect hair loss and hair after transplantation?Sweating after Hair Transplant - There are a lot of people who have problems with sweat excessive sweating, so if you have hair loss problems, it’s possible that exactly this problem causes it. Lactic acid is one of the main ingredients in sweat and badly affects the outer hair layers causing a gradual cutting down of the hair follicles. The acid damage becomes apparent at first glance because the hair becomes dry, fragile and weak. In contrary to hair loss, sweating after hair transplant can’t have a significant influence on transplanted hair. The hair transplant in Turkey can be performed in SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic.
What is the true cause of hair loss caused by sweat? Although you may think that you are the only one who loses hair due to intensive sweating on the scalp, it's important to ask yourself what you can do to stop it. Obviously, the key to stopping the loss of the hair caus…